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The Centre has manifested a rich profile of academic and professional success stories. The students have excelled through their academic record by achieving scholarship and distinctions at national and international level. The Centre has exhibited an excellence in professional development by producing the best teacher trainers in collaboration with international organizations like, Cambridge, IDP, Garnet, ENGLISH MASTERY, and 21st Century Academic Forum. ELC exhibit the success stories in a monthly newsletter published online regularly.


The TUELC vision is to push the boundaries of limitations and excel in providing high-quality English Language programs to various Faculties at Taif University.


The TUELC mission is to prepare the University students to undertake English-medium instruction in their relevant fields of study. Also, it aims at helping students to use English as an effective means of communication in their prospective endeavors.



Preparing students to undertake their studies through English-medium instruction in their disciplines.

Providing credit English courses to those enrolled in theoretical faculties.

Establishing the corner stone for the unified EAP and ESP courses for all students across the University Faculties.

Conducting academic research in areas related to English language teaching and learning.

Administrative structure

  1. Vice President for Academic Affairs and Development

  2. Dean of the Deanship of Supportive Studies

  3. Director of the English Language Centre (ELC)

    1. ELC Vice Director

      1. Secertary

    2. Council

    3. ELC Board of Studies

      1. Chair of the ELC Board of Studies

        1. Faculty Affairs Unit

        2. Curriculum & Testing Unit

        3. Academic Coordination Unit

        4. Students Affairs Unit

        5. Quality Assurance Unit

        6. Professional Development Unit

        7. Registration Unit

    4. Secertary