Curriculum Committee


TUELC Curriculum Committee works under the supervision of the Curriculum & Testing Unit. The committee is composed of a supervisor and two members who work together in collaboration with the other Units in the Center. The main responsibility of this committee is to choose appropriate syllabi through a rigorous review and evaluation process so that the mission is achieved.


Provide students with high quality English curricula in accordance with their own needs


Design and deliver an appropriate curriculum with measurable learning outcomes to help students achieve the expected language proficiency level



To provide education program appropriate for the learners, with regards to their age, ability and aptitude

To enable appropriate progression from level to level (A1-to B1)

To have a high regard for learners’ voices and respond to learners’ needs, experiences and input as well as to receive teachers’ feedback on the effectiveness of the curriculum

4. To develop a course specification for each course to ensure that course goals and objectives are aligned with the course’s student learning outcomes (SLOs)

To suggest suitable assessment methods to measure students’ achievement of the curriculum outcomes

To ensure the effectiveness of the instructional materials and instructional technologies in delivering the curriculum.


Designing curricula and courses and write and improve the courses’ specifications.

Selecting the appropriate textbooks for the TUELC courses.

Providing curricular and assessment pacing schedules to all teachers.

Assessing the achievement of the Students Learning Outcomes.

Planning and overseeing all assessment activities at TUELC.

Preparing the end-of-term courses’ reports.

Evaluating periodically all curricular and assessment activities.

Carrying out orientation sessions to teachers pertaining to curricular and assessment matters.

Assuring that unified practices are followed across classes and campuses.

Liaising with publishers and local bookshops to ensure the availability of textbooks.


Unit Members


Curriculum & Testing Unit