Faculty Affairs Unit


The Unit contributes to providing administrative and academic services for TUELC faculty members as well as serves as a link between faculty members and TUELC senior administration and TU departments across the University.


The Unit seeks to establish distinctive services that facilitate TUEL academic and administrative activities.


Providing TUELC faculty members with quality academic and administrative services within the framework of TUELC and the University policies.



Contributing to the provision of an appropriate work environment for faculty members, so that they can devote most of their time and harness all their abilities to perform their work properly.

Providing suitable academic and administrative services for the faculty members in a way that contributes to achieving the TUELC’s mission and vision.

Ensuring that the administrative procedures and policies are implemented in line with the University bylaws and the TUELC policies as well.

Seeking to strengthen the bonds of social relations among the faculty.


Providing orientation to newly appointed faculty.

Coordinating between TUELC and Taif University in all matters related to faculty members.

Help faculty in all matters related to the university’ administrative procedures.

Evaluating the performance of faculty members in coordination with other responsible units, and following up their progress in their professional development activities.

Maintaining and updating the files of all faculty members.

Supporting Saudi faculty members in all matters related to obtaining a scholarship from the University to pursue their higher education.

Dealing with the faculty’s complaint and grievances in coordination with the Director of TUELC.

Assisting the Director on all issues related to faculty recruitment, such as announcement and validating certificates and arranging for interviews.


Unit Members

Dr. Nasrah Esmail

Dr. Nasrah Esmail


Phone No.0501663146


Faculty Affairs Unit