About Samiha Siddiqui

I am a CELTA certified teacher and Cambridge certified teacher trainer with over 20 years of experience as an ESL and EFL instructor. I have majored in English Language and Literature
and hold certificates of TEFL, Diploma in TESOL and IELTS Training. Over the years, I have worked in numerous set-ups, teaching different curricula to learners of all ages, in international schools with diverse groups of multi-lingual, multi-national students, to teaching monolingual classes at school and university level. I have also worked at various language schools. I have been working at Taif University since 2012 and have been an active participant, being the coordinator of many colleges, teacher trainer and member of various TUELC Units. I have participated in various professional development workshops, regularly presenting at TUELC and outside. In 2015, I was awarded the ‘Teacher of the Year’ certificate at Taif University. Currently, I am pursuing my MA in TESOL from University of Derby and also engaged in
preparing for DELTA module 1 exam.