Registration Unit


The Registration Unit is a part of the organizational structure of TUELC. The Unit tasks cover two major areas: students’ schedules and faculty members’ schedules. Concerning students’ schedules, the unit coordinates with the Deanship of Admission and Registration to overcome all possible issues that may impede the process of finalizing students ‘schedules such as number of students in sections, absence of classrooms in schedules, splitting large groups etc... Second and in line with the policies and procedures of the DSS as well as Taif University, the Registration Unit assigns teaching loads to faculty members according to their academic ranks and administrative responsibilities.


Full commitment to provide the best registration services possible for both students and faculty members so that courses start smoothly and without delays.


To work hard to resolve students’ schedules problems as well as to assign faculty members balanced and well -adjusted schedules in order to commence the academic year easily and efficiently.



Providing the best services for students and faculty members.

Implementing the academic instructions and decisions issued by the Deanship Council.

Implementing the academic instructions and decisions issued by the Deanship Council.


Preparing the teaching schedules for all the courses taught by TUELC.

Preparing examinations schedules for all courses’ invigilation duties for all teachers.

Managing teachers’ working loads in a way not to negatively affect their performance.

Ensuring the appropriateness of class size to the number of students.

Making sure that students follow their study plans and not register in a course before taking its pre-requisite.

Confirming students’ results in the university electronic system to make sure that all results are entered according to the procedures followed at the University.

Coordinating with the University’s Admission and Registration Deanship all issues related to teaching schedules, classroom’s assignments to teachers, students’ addition, and dropping of English language courses.


Unit Members

Mourad Dhaouadi

Mourad Dhaouadi


Phone No. 0554150175


Registration Unit