Students Affairs Unit


Students Affairs Unit was established in order to address students’ needs by providing academic advising to them on issues related to their English language courses, for example, repeating level of courses, attendance and denial, student complaints, make-up exams, and learning difficulty.


Provide academic and administrative services for students that effectively help in achieving high-quality English language programs for them.


Provide students with quality academic services that contribute to the overall ELC mission in preparing students to undertake English-medium instruction in their relevant fields of study.



Providing academic and administrative services that meet students’ needs

Offering remedial plans and extra-curricular activities to low-achieving students.


Providing orientation and consultation to students with regard to their English language courses.

Providing appropriate and timely academic advising to students.

Responding to students’ inquiries in relation to their studies at the center.

Deciding on matters related to course equivalency.

Planning and providing extracurricular activities for students.

Dealing with students’ complaints and grievances.

Evaluating students’ opinions and satisfactions towards the various activities and services provided to them by TUELC.


Unit Members

Abdulaziz Alharthi

Abdulaziz Alharthi


Phone No.0550079618

Shatha Alorabi

Shatha Alorabi



Students Affairs Unit