Testing Committee


TUELC Testing Committee is one of two committees constituting the Curriculum & Testing Unit. It acts under the supervision of the supervisor of the Curriculum & Testing Unit. It also coordinates with other TUELC units and committees for the sake of unifying practices as well as the smooth flow of information. The Testing Committee coordinates with the:
  • Curriculum Committee with regard to the pacing schedules, course books, the number of units to be covered, quiz/test dates, the learning outcomes that should be assessed, the mark distributions, the assessment sheets to be used, etc.
  • Academic Supervision Unit with regard to appointing course coordinators, course coordinator duties, test time and venue, invigilators, number of sessions, etc.
  • Registration Unit with regard to courses offered at TUELC, number of sections, number of learners, etc.


The vision of Taif University English Language Centre (TUELC) Testing Committee is to embrace a holistic and innovative approach to assessment (assessment for learning, assessment of learning and assessment as learning) in order to improve students’ learning and teachers’ teaching. Assessment is implemented as an ongoing process to evaluate the course books and the teaching methods, determine if learning outcomes are achieved, place students into courses, diagnose their needs, evaluate their proficiency as well as provide them with self-evaluation information.


The central mission of TUELC Testing Committee is to incorporate its vision. We develop valid, reliable, and equitable methods of assessment according to national and international standards. Teaching methods and course books are assessed via questionnaires and surveys. REAP, IEAP, ESP & Elective learners are assessed via formative, diagnostic, and summative tests. Learners’ performances in all skills and sub-skills are assessed via assignments, quizzes, and end-of-term tests as well as online assessments. The latter functions in coordination with the Cambridge Language Management System (CLMS).



The goal of TUELC Testing Committee is going digital by using computer-based exams and eliminating the use of paper-delivered testing for some tests entirely and facilitating the use of different forms of questions, particularly those that require audios such the listening exam. Currently, we use blackboard, and we are looking forward to overcoming its limitations and offering better conditions for our learners and higher quality testing and assessment services that help measuring students’ learning outcomes.


Providing assessment pacing schedules to all teachers.

Assessing the achievement of the Students Learning Outcomes.

Planning and overseeing all assessment activities at TUELC.

Evaluating periodically all assessment activities.

Carrying out orientation sessions to teachers pertaining to assessment matters.

Assuring that unified practices are followed across classes and campuses.

Preparing mark distribution and rubrics, assessment sheets, speaking grading sheets, assessment matrices, quiz/test templates, action plan (for in-term & end-of-term assessments), assessment guidelines, test construction & proofreading checklist, etc.

Sending detailed guidelines and necessary documents to teachers and course coordinators.

Constructing, proofreading & approving banks of questions.

Checking the validity of questions and the reliability of marking.

Collecting all documents from teachers (assessment sheets, attendance sheets, samples of students’ performances especially in the writing section)

Assuring that the marks are not inflated and that the productive skills are assessed properly.

Constructing retake tests for students who were absent with a valid excuse.

Checking and comparing the marks on the exam sheet, the assessment sheet, and the university electronic system.

Analyzing surveys results and, hence, reinforcing strengths, and addressing weaknesses.

Devising a plan for improvement for next term/year.

Submitting a report to the Quality Assurance Committee.


Unit Members

Amelia Cruz

Amelia Cruz

Mr Yazan Albdour

Mr Yazan Albdour



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